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Lil Dynamo - Bounce Lyrics
Lyrics for Bounce by Lil Dynamo. Type song title, artist or lyrics

Ruger - Bounce Lyrics
She ridin' it Am slidin' in Spread your two legs slightly Or mama spread them so widely Caribbean girl wan die fi me She ah fi die for me yeah-yeah Bounce your body or we bounce you out Girly go down, north to south Shey you gree? I no fit shout Ayy-ayy-ayy-ayy Bounce your body or we bounce you out Omo no scream, no too shout

Little Mix - Bounce Back Lyrics
However do you want me (Bring the bounce back) (Bring the, bring the bounce back) However do you need me (Bring the bounce back) (Bring the, bring the bounce back) However do you want me (Bring the bounce back) (Bring the, bring the bounce back) However do you need me He say that I'm the girl up in his dreams Hot boy, better give me what I need

Bon Jovi - Bounce Lyrics
Bounce! [Guitar Solo] Bring it on, I like it rough In your face, I call your bluff It ain't karma, it ain't luck Me, I just don't give a [Chorus:] Bounce, Bounce Nothing's gonna keep me down Bounce, Bounce Stand up, shout it out Bounce, Bounce I play hard, I play to win Count me out, count me in I'll be bouncing back again Bounce, Bounce

S1mba - Bounce Lyrics
She can be independent, she a boss, I like that But still I spend and I don't mind the cost, go buy that She'll send a letter if I'm ever locked, she'll write that We ain't together but we're summat hot She can never hold my Glock (Ooh) We shop, ain't no Topshop, money long fi dem The way she use my Coutts card gimme oxygen (Jesus)

Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes - Bounce Lyrics
She thought it was a salad She noticed all the karots So vegetarian, all this green and all this cabbage And I'm feelin' like I'm the baddest Get it if you wanna grab it No need for words cuz 'hustle' to me is automatic [Chorus 4x] When we bounce, you bounce Lets make the club bounce To the east what you doin'? We bouncin', we bouncin'

Lyrics She Knows (feat. Juicy J) - musiXmatch
In case you didn′t know, Juicy that nigga I keep me two hoes like that nigga Jack Tripper (uh-huh) I shoot in they face like that boy Reggie Miller And I kill that pussy like my name Jack the Ripper Baby, I'm horny and I ain′t too proud to beg Instead, show me the bed Early morning breakfast and head And I got Tina, Tasha and Toya, I call 'em the triple threat All them bitches be soaking ...

My Baby Whistles When She Walks - Antsy McClain and The Trailer Park ...
My baby whistles when she walks. My baby whistles when she walks. She's got a ring in her naval. She's had her eyebrows done. And there's a bonus when I kiss her: Metallic taste of her tongue. My baby whistles when she walks. My baby whistles when she walks. My baby whistles when she walks.

Shenseea - Bouncy Lyrics
Yeah, you like that. I'ma throw it right back, right back. Have a nigga wishing he could pipe that (Pipe that) Ooh, get up, stand up. I'ma move my body 'til you bend up, mash up. Ooh, hot wuk, wine pon it 'til your head buss (Ah, Shenseea) I could make it move on time. My body on new behind. Thick, thick ass, so bouncy (Bouncy)

When she walks, there's a halo around her hipsWhen she walks, her rhythm's hard to resistAnd she's so in tune with the typical guyShe makes em stand around and wonder whythey've got everything they've ever wanted in life but herwhen she walks, it's a mystery in this town

Waka Flocka Flame - No Hands Lyrics
She said, "Look, ma. No hands." She said, "Look, ma. No hands." And no darlin' I don't dance And I'm with Roscoe I'm with Waka I think I deserve a chance I'm a bad mother fucker go and ask them motherfuckers A young handsome motherfucker I slang that wood I just nunchuck'em And who you with and what's your name Are you not hip boo I'm wale

And I know, I know, she knows. She know what she working with. (She know, she know, she know) I see you, uh. You got my attention baby, go do what you do. I think she noticed, know you gon' have to make a move. All this ice in my rolley, no wonder I play it cool. Eyes on you, I watch it bounce.

IShowSpeed - Bounce That A$$ Lyrics
Fuckin' your bitch, she doin the most Shrimp Dick Speed, I don't give a fuck (Huh) Pretty smile like Chris, I'm gettin' buff (Arf) Niggas on my dick like they gon' suck (Arf, arf, arf, arf) Big dawg Speed, lil' nigga, you a pup Fuck, fuck, fuck, yeah, I'm fuckin' 'em up Smackin' her booty and nut in his butt Two-inch dick but I'm in them guts

J Mood - Bounce Lyrics
Bounce, Bounce, Bounce, Bounce Bounce, Bounce, Bounce, Bounce (Rich Gang) Bounce, Bounce, Bounce, Bounce, Bounce We done came a long way from smokin′ It in yo' mama′s crib(In yo mama's crib) She questioning what you want with him (You want with him) And you don't know, went with the flow (With the flow) Can′t lose control, don′t let me go (Don't let me go) Time for relations, I′d die ...

NO1-NOAH - Bounce Lyrics
Bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce On that dick Show me what you with Holding on your wig While I watch you do a split I ride for my bitch The same way she ride this dick She gon drive me crazy, when she riding on the tip I give you a tip, only suck up on the tip If you do it for me right, I do it better than you did Make you bust, and make you ...

They way you slidin down the pole (bounce it bounce it) got me pullin out a roll (bounce it bounce it) The way you walk across the stage (bounce it bounce it) got me and all my niggas amazed (bounce it bounce it) shawty the way you lookin in that thong really got a nigga trippin (yeah) i wanna take you home come ride wit young pimpin

HoodRich Pablo Juan - Mony Walk Lyrics
Walk in and stand on the couch, shakin' that ass, she gon' make it bounce. We ain't runnin' out, uh uh, we got money now. Make it rain, ain't no drought, bag that bitch like an ounce. Treat her like a brick, I bust it down, chopper with a hundred rounds. Throw it up, it's fallin' down, we got money by the pound.

The Time - The Walk Lyrics
Everybody walk Attention everybody I said it ain't hard to do Just walk, walk, let your body talk, walkin' so cool (Walkin' so cool) Attention everybody I said I just shined my shoes, yes I did So you can let your body talk, just watch where you walk Or your life you're gonna lose In other words, I'll walk you 'til you're dead Everybody walk ...

Stephen Marley - When She Dances Lyrics
She don't walk down every road Way she smiles, it ever shows That she's a freedom I've never known She's a feeling you can't control And I had to go insane Cause I've been watching her for a while While she's moving her body Na na na na na na na, na na na na na na na When she's dancing, yeah She's the only star that shines When she's dancing, yeah

Dance Gavin Dance - Pounce Bounce Lyrics
She's a referee, and I'm lethally Overdosed on pumpkin pie Yes the future is mount delicious son But the leaf changes forms continuum My destiny is calling me, it says Jon Mess you should own a gun Feel the room filling up with smoke, Billowing, billowing up, holding on for the worst, rise above. Can I get a piece of that? Uniquely post relapse

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