Everlance Review: Features, Pricing and Alternatives 2023 (2023)

Everlance is a mileage and expense tracking app that helps self-employed professionals and businesses monitor mileage deductions. Some of its notable features include automatic mileage tracking, team reporting, long session tracking, and customizable approval workflows. With Everlance, you can track up to 30 trips per month for free or subscribe to a paid plan starting at $12 per user monthly for businesses and $8 for self-employed individuals.


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Overall Score: 3.80 / 5


  • Mileage and expense tracking combined in one app
  • All plans support an unlimited number of users
  • Unlimited users for the free plan
  • Visually appealing approval workflow interface


  • Can’t connect to credit card and bank account in the Free plan
  • No route planning feature
  • No clock-in/clock-out timesheet for employees
  • Companies looking for a mileage and expense tracker: Everlance combines mileage and expense tracking in one app. Some other mileage trackers, such as MileIQ, don’t include a built-in expense tracking feature.
  • Individuals who travel one business-related trip per day: Everlance’s free plan lets you track up to 30 trips per month. For example, driving to meet clients or to perform bank transactions on behalf of the business are considered business-related trips. However, you can’t claim mileage when driving from your home to the office or business.
  • Real estate agents and companies: Real estate companies can use Everlance to help their agents track mileage expenses since agents meet with potential customers frequently.
  • Individuals looking for a simple mileage tracker: If you only need a mileage tracker without expense tracking, choose MileIQ. It’s a simple and affordable app that focuses on tracking mileage.
  • Businesses that need a route-planning feature: Companies like logistic businesses that require a route-planning feature to plan the most efficient delivery routes can use TripLog. It tops our list of the best mileage tracking apps.
  • QuickBooks users: QuickBooks Onlineis our choice for the overall best small business accounting software. It has built-in mileage tracking features and tracks mileage via your phone’s GPS, eliminating the need for a separate mileage tracker.

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Everlance Deciding Factors

Supported Business Types

Growing businesses that might need custom-priced plans



  • Free: 30 free trips per user, per month
  • Mileage tracking and cost-per-mile (CPM) programs: $12 per user, per month
  • Fixed and variable rate (FAVR) programs: $398 per user, per year


  • Free: 30 free trips per user, per month
  • Premium: $8 per user, per month
  • Premium Plus: $12 per user, per month

Free Trial

7 days for Self-Employed Premium plan only

Standout Features

  • Auto-classification of trips
  • Commute auto-detection
  • License and insurance validation
  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP) or human resources (HR) system integrations
  • Mileage budgets

Customer Support

Email, VIP support (higher plans only), user training, and dedicated customer success manager

Everlance Alternatives

Everlance Review: Features, Pricing and Alternatives 2023 (2)

Everlance Review: Features, Pricing and Alternatives 2023 (3)

Everlance Review: Features, Pricing and Alternatives 2023 (4)

Best for: Businesses that need only mileage tracking

Best for: Companies that require route planning features

Best for: Companies looking for a full-service bookkeeping system with built-in mileage tracking

Starts at: $0

Starts at: $0

Starts at: $30 per month

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Read our QuickBooks Online review

Everlance vs Competitors

We compared Everlance with TripLog and MileIQ. TripLog is our best overall mileage tracker app, while MileIQ is our recommended mileage tracker for simple mileage tracking.

Everlance vs Competitors FSB Case Study

Touch the graph above to interactClick on the graphs above to interact

  • Everlance $12 per business per, monthly

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  • TripLog $5.99 per user, monthly

  • MileIQ $5.99 per user, monthly

Pricing isn’t Everlance’s strongest suit because TripLog and MileIQ have more affordable pricing plans. At $12 per month, Everlance offers similar features with TripLog and MileIQ. However, the possible justification for a higher price is the VIP support and live admin and user training included in this plan.

TripLog takes the win for mileage tracking features with a perfect score but Everlance gets the second place in this comparison. Our evaluation reveals that Everlance offers decent features with advanced functions like approval workflows. Everlance leads over TripLog and MileIQ in related app features because it has a reimbursement system and tax deduction finder.

Everlance Pricing

Everlance offers two pricing packages: one for self-employed individuals and another for businesses. Both offer a free plan that includes up to 30 automatic trips per user, per month. Paid plans for businesses and self-employed start at $12 and $8 per user, per month, respectively.

The tables below summarize the plans for self-employed individuals and businesses.

  • Businesses
  • Self-employed




Pricing per User (Billed Monthly)




Pricing per User (Billed Annually)




Maximum Trips




Unlimited Users

Receipt Upload

Bank & Credit Card Integration


Trip Automatic Classification With Work Hours


VIP Customer Support


ERP Integration



Live Admin & User Training



Dedicated Onboarding & Customer Success Manager





Premium Plus

Pricing per User (Billed Monthly)




Pricing per User (Billed Yearly)




Maximum Users




Unlimited Users

Receipt Upload

IRS-compliant Reports

Automatic Tracking


Bank & Credit Card Integration


Trip Automatic Classification With Work Hours & Commute


Custom Excel & PDF Reports


Deduction Finder


Customized One-on-One Training



VIP Customer Support



Everlance Features

While you can’t track mileage directly automatically from the web dashboard, Everlance allows you to classify trips taken from the app, enter in trips and notes manually, upload receipts, and view a snapshot of your income and expenses.

The web homepage gives you access to Everlance’s key features, such as trips, transactions, data export, and team dashboard. If you signed in to your Everlance account for the first time with a free plan, you’ll see a default web dashboard similar to the image below.

Everlance Review: Features, Pricing and Alternatives 2023 (5)

Everlance Dashboard

The Everlance app uses GPS navigation to track your drives automatically. Once you start driving, the app will start tracking your mileage details. After the trip, you can categorize it as business or personal. You can even download PDF or Excel reports of your trips directly from the mobile app. If you want to keep expense receipts for future use, you can take a photo of your receipt and upload it through your mobile app. You can download the app on Google Play and the App Store.

There are three ways to track mileage on Everlance: Auto-detection, Start Tracker, or Manual Entry:

1. Auto-detection: This tracks your trips in the background on your smartphone; you don’t need to start the tracking before a trip, just classify the trip afterward: swipe right to classify it as work-related and left as personal. Auto-detection is available in any of the paid plans.

2. Start Tracker: This is the default mode for tracking mileage. Start the tracking manually, and Everlance will use GPS to track your location and mileage. When you’ve reached the destination, end the trip to stop tracking. Classify it as either Work or Personal afterward.

Everlance Review: Features, Pricing and Alternatives 2023 (6)

Start Tracker in Everlance

3. Manual Entry: In case you forget to record a trip, manual entry is available. To add a trip, you need to provide details, such as your origin and destination, the start and end time of the trip, and the vehicle you used for the trip.

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Everlance Review: Features, Pricing and Alternatives 2023 (7)

Adding a Trip Manually in Everlance

Classifying trips in Everlance is easy. Swipe right on the trip card to categorize your trip as Work and swipe left for Personal. If you wish to categorize the trip as other, such as Commute, Charity, or Medical, swipe far left on the trip card.

Everlance Review: Features, Pricing and Alternatives 2023 (8)

Categorize Trips in Everlance

You can now organize and filter your trips and transactions using customizable tags. You can add, remove, or edit tags to label your trips accurately. To add a tag to a trip, tap anywhere on the trip entry and click + Add/Edit tag from the Edit Trip menu. From here, you can add a new trip or choose from the existing tags.

Everlance Review: Features, Pricing and Alternatives 2023 (9)

Add or Edit a Tag in a Trip

Those who drive long shifts will find Long Session tracking useful. With this feature, Everlance will track your drive automatically as a single long trip. The app will stop when it detects that you’ve stopped driving for 20 minutes or more. You can set up Long Session tracking from the Auto Track Style menu under the Tracker Settings tab of your mobile app.

Everlance Review: Features, Pricing and Alternatives 2023 (10)

Choose Long Session to Track Long Shifts

For greater efficiency, you can enable Work Hours so that Everlance can distinguish between personal and business trips automatically. Trips during work hours will be classified as Business automatically. You can activate Work Hours via the web dashboard, Android app, or iOS app.

In the web dashboard, navigate to your Account and click Work Hours under Trips on the left panel. From there, you can set your hours and choose how Everlance should categorize your trips.

If you’re using the mobile app, the process is the same as with the web dashboard. Go to your Account and click Work Hours under Trips. Then, choose how you’d like to classify trips within work hours.

Everlance Review: Features, Pricing and Alternatives 2023 (11)

Enable Work Hours in Everlance

Another important feature of Everlance is its expense tracking. We like that Everlance included this feature so that mileage and expense reimbursements can be made at the same time. You can also integrate your bank accounts or credit cards to import transactions automatically—add your bank or credit card from the web dashboard or the mobile app.

To sync via the web dashboard, click on Banks & Cards under the Transactions menu, and then add your bank or credit card. To connect via the mobile app, click on Bank/Card Link under the Transactions menu.

Everlance Review: Features, Pricing and Alternatives 2023 (12)

Connect Your Bank or Credit Card to Everlance to Track Expenses

Another thing that we like about Everlance is its “Work Purposes” feature, which lets you set specific mileage rates for different purposes like deliveries, pickups, or client meetups. You can do this by going to Team Settings and then clicking Rates & Purpose.

(Video) Everlance Reports Tutorial - For Employees, Managers, and Admins

Everlance Review: Features, Pricing and Alternatives 2023 (13)

Setting Work Purposes and Default Mileage Rates (Source: Everlance)

What we like about this is that you can pay different mileage rates for different purposes instead of always paying the default rate. Be aware that if you pay more than the standard mileage rate set by the IRS, you’ll need to include any excess payment as compensation to your employee or contractor.

Unlike other mileage trackers we’ve reviewed, Everlance is the only app that lets you manage frequent places. Other mileage trackers have a feature that remembers frequent places but only when the app detects multiple visits to a particular location. With Everlance, admins can add frequent places for easier tracking.

Everlance Review: Features, Pricing and Alternatives 2023 (14)

Setting Frequent Places on Everlance (Source: Everlance)

This feature is helpful for deliveries or pickups to frequent customers or businesses. If you have multiple office locations, you can add them here as well.

Approval flows on mileage trackers aren’t uncommon today. However, Everlance takes it to a different level. Everlance’s visual approach to creating an approval flow makes it easy to use and understand, even for first-time users. Only account owners can set or edit approval flows:

Everlance Review: Features, Pricing and Alternatives 2023 (15)

Approval Flows on Everlance (Source: Everlance)

When setting point persons for approval flows, you can include the following roles or actions:

  • Team Lead Needs to Approve (default): The member’s direct manager will approve the report.
  • Needs to Approve: Assign another person aside from the team lead.
  • Needs to Mark as Paid: Assign a person to mark reports that have been paid.
  • Receives a Copy: Assign a person who will receive a copy of all the reports at selected steps.

Everlance integrates with Xero, FreshBooks, and Wave. You can export data from your Everlance app to any of these platforms.

Customer Service & Ease of Use

Everlance has a neat and minimalistic layout, both in the web dashboard and app, making it easy to navigate, even for first-time users. The mobile app is very comprehensive, and the features are easy to locate.

Free subscribers can seek help through email, while Premium users receive exclusive access to customer service representatives whom they can chat with directly within the app. If you want customized training and support from a dedicated onboarding and customer success manager, you might want to upgrade to the most expensive plan, FAVR.

Everlance User Reviews

In Everlance reviews on third-party review websites, most users are real estate agents. What they like about Everlance is its accuracy in tracking mileage, especially if they’re meeting multiple clients in a day. They also commended the platform for making mileage deductions easier during tax season.

However, some users found some inefficiencies, such as automatic mileage tracking even if riding in someone else’s car. Though this feature can be turned off, there’s a possibility of forgetting to turn it back on and missing some business-related trips:

  • GetApp: 4.5 out of 5 stars based on around 60 reviews
  • G2: 4.3 out of 5 stars based on about 80 reviews
  • Google Play: 4.4 out of 5 stars based on around 19,200 reviews
  • App Store: 4.8 out of 5 stars based on around 22,800 reviews

How We Evaluated Mileage Tracker Apps

We evaluated Everlance based on five major categories that should be present in mileage tracker apps.

  • Breakdown
  • Pricing
  • Mileage Tracking Features
  • Related App Features
  • Ease of Use
  • User Reviews
  • Expert Score




Mileage Tracking Features


Related App Features

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Ease of Use


User Reviews


Expert Score

20% of Overall Score

Affordability is a primary concern for small businesses. Hence, we’re giving pricing a significant percentage to give more points to mileage tracker apps with a more affordable price point.

30% of Overall Score

In this area, we’d like to see basic mileage tracking features including income and expense tracking and trip categorization. Aside from these major features, it would be a plus to see features like receipt capturing, route planning, scheduling, and other minor features.

10% of Overall Score

For this criterion, we’d like to see other features that are not necessarily for mileage tracking but can be helpful for users. These features include accounting and bookkeeping, tax computations, and invoicing.

20% of Overall Score

Ease of use score measures how easy and convenient for users to use the web or mobile app. Part of this is customer service in case customers want technical assistance.

10% of Overall Score

We considered the ratings of actual users from review websites. This score helped us gauge feedback from current users of the software.

10% of Overall Score

Our expert score is a summative measure of all app features as a whole. We look at the harmony of its features, accessibility, ease of use, reporting, and popularity.

*Percentages of overall score

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the free plan of Everlance enough for mileage tax deductions?

Yes, it is, as you can get IRS-compliant reports and relevant tax data even with the free plan. The only advantages of getting paid plans are unlimited trips, automations in mileage tracking, and advanced features like approval workflows.

Is Everlance worth the money?

Yes. Self-employed individuals like real estate agents need to spare only $8 per month to get decent mileage tracking features. However, it can get expensive for businesses that allow mileage tracking for multiple employees.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a single app to track your mileage and expenses, Everlance is a good choice. Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur, a small business, or a large company managing many drivers, you can find the right package for you.


The provider has a generous free plan that has many useful features you’ll find in premium packages, such as automatic tracking and unlimited receipt uploads. If you’re a solo business owner or a self-employed individual needing to track mileage for tax purposes, the free plan might be enough. If you’re a company with many employees who drive for work, an upgrade to Premium is worth your money.


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