Our top picks for accommodation in Arrowtown New Zealand (2023)

Being a small town, there aren’t a ton of options for accommodation in Arrowtown but it’s an important decision to ensure you have a great stay in this charming little town. We’ve stayed in a couple of great hotels and motels in Arrowtown making our experience all the more enjoyable.

Picking a place to stay near the historic town center is a great option because it’s within easy walking distance to all of the great restaurants, cafes and popular activities that most visitors come to see and do in Arrowtown. If you choose accommodation outside of Arrowtown, it may require a bit of extra driving depending on where you stay.

Our top picks for accommodation in Arrowtown New Zealand (1)

Here I’m sharing our three top recommendations of where to stay, including our favorite hotel in Arrowtown, along with three others that in our experience, are also worth considering.

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Accommodation in Arrowtown – Best Places to Stay

Arrowtown, New Zealand is a historic gold mining town in the South Island of New Zealand rich in history, character and charm. It’s an easy 20 minute drive from downtown Queenstown, making it a popular day trip destination although I recommend spending a night or two in this beautiful historic town. The quiet location and quaint architecture is a nice change of pace from the bustling Queenstown center.

The main drag is Buckingham Street and it has such a vibe. Boutiques, offices and cafes occupy the historic buildings left from the gold rush era that feels like you’ve been transported back in time. There are some wonderful eateries and a vast network of trails and nature walks. You can even try your luck at gold panning in the Arrow River.

When visiting Arrowtown, you’ll most likely be spending the majority of your time in the main area around Buckingham Street. This is where you’ll find all the shopping, restaurants, tours and even the start and end to walking trails, are located. There are a few different types of accommodation to choose from depending on budget and what type of experience you are looking for.

All of these properties are within easy walking distance or a short drive from the main attractions in historic Arrowtown.

Our Most Preferred Properties

Arrowtown House Boutique Hotel

Our top picks for accommodation in Arrowtown New Zealand (2)

If you want an authentic Arrowtown experience, you can’t look past the charming Arrowtown House Boutique Hotel. Its central location is a short 5 minute stroll to Buckingham Street yet it’s tucked away in a tranquil garden setting, perfect for rest and relaxation after a busy day exploring.

It’s a lodge style accommodation with five rooms centred around a communal area complete with a cosy fireplace. The downstairs rooms feature french doors that open into an outdoor garden area.

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The rooms are tastefully appointed and in keeping with a quaint cottage vibe without compromising the modern conveniences. In addition to the usual amenities, each room has a complimentary mini bar with a selection of non-alcoholic drinks as well as a washer and dryer. A continental breakfast is provided and served in their warm and welcoming lounge, with views out to the garden.

For quaint and charming with a touch of luxury this property has it all and you will be very well looked after.

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The Arrow Hotel

Our top picks for accommodation in Arrowtown New Zealand (3)

The Arrow Hotel is a fantastic place to stay in Arrowtown, located just a 10 minute walk along the Arrow River to the start of Buckingham Street and The Historic Arrowtown Chinese Settlement. It’s right next to Tobins Track which connects to the Arrow River Trail, both fantastic walks to do.

This boutique luxury lodge accommodation is set against the Arrow River and has a more contemporary decor complete with modern furnishings and underfloor heating. There are five guest suites nestled into the hillside with views out to the mountains. You can choose from different sized rooms to fit your needs and budget.

Some of the suites include a kitchenette which would be great for longer stays. A few of the suites have luxurious soaking tubs which can be shielded for privacy or opened up to enjoy the mountain views while having a soak.

You can choose from a hot or cold breakfast which is delivered to your door each morning. There is also covered parking available with each unit.

For a comfortable stay in a modern boutique property with a convenient location this property is worth considering.

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Arrowtown Motel Apartments

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If you are looking for something a bit easier on the budget but still modern and comfortable, the Arrowtown Motel Apartments is a good choice. The units are simple, clean and spacious with a modern decor and lovely views of the mountains.

There are several unit types to choose, from a motel studio to an entire holiday house. All units come with free on-site parking and self service laundry is available for an additional cost. Some of the units come with a kitchenette and a supermarket is located just steps away, making it a great option for longer stays.

The property is on a quiet street that backs up to a reserve. It’s a little further from the main town centre than the others we’ve mentioned so far, but still only a 15 minute walk to all the cafes, restaurants and boutique shops.

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It’s a short walk to the river which you can then follow into town for a scenic walk. It really is such a lovely area to walk around and we didn’t mind it at all. If you prefer to drive there is a huge parking lot near Butlers Green.

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Millbrook Resort

Our top picks for accommodation in Arrowtown New Zealand (5)

If you’re all about luxury and the resort lifestyle, look no further than Millbrook Resort. This 5-star hotel is set on 650 acres of idyllic landscape consisting of rolling green fairways framed by the Remarkables Mountain Range. Featuring five on-site dining venues, two 18 hole championship golf courses and an award-winning day spa, you’ll never want to leave.

Millbrook was once a wheat farm established by two brothers from Normandy to feed the miners during the gold rush in the 1860s. Millbrook’s restored buildings, farm machinery and the avenue of trees retains the rustic charm of the farm from all those years ago.

There are a variety of rooms all featuring luxe furnishing and modern amenities. You can choose from several different size suites each with large windows and balconies showcasing the stunning views. You’ll enjoy an afternoon on one of the two 18 hole championship golf courses or relax in their award-winning day spa, surrounded by the stunning scenery.

This is a great place to stay if you want the elegance of a resort atmosphere but still close to Arrowntown’s main attractions, which is just a 5 minute drive away. It’s the best of both worlds…elegance surrounded by historic charm.

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Arrowtown Lodge

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Arrowtown Lodge is a quaint and cosy B&B style lodge located in a tranquil tree-lined street. This property is comfortable and clean, in a fantastic location, just a 5-minute walk to Buckingham Street and all the main attractions.

The rooms are charming, tastefully decorated in keeping with the cottage style with modern conveniences. You’ll have access to an outdoor courtyard surrounded by beautiful gardens and a stone fireplace.

Overall, if a cottage style B&B with hospitable hosts is what you are looking for, the Arrowtown Lodge is good value for money in a fantastic location. It’s a five minute walk to La Rumbla, one of Arrowtown’s most popular restaurants.

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Shades of Arrowtown

Our top picks for accommodation in Arrowtown New Zealand (7)

Shades of Arrowtown is another one of our preferred motels in Arrowtown. It’s a stone’s throw from Buckingham street and the closest property on our list, right in the heart of Arrowtown.

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It’s a quaint cottage style property. Rooms are simply decorated in an old world style and comfortable, each with a kitchenette and refrigerator. They also offer free off street parking. There are no breakfast options but you have access to all of the cafes and restaurants at your doorstep. Our favourite place for brunch, Provisions of Arrowtown, is a one minute walk away.

The grounds are absolutely beautiful. When you arrive through the entrance you pass under a wooden arch and down the drive to the cottages. In autumn the grounds are blazing with colour and lavender bushes are blooming in Spring.There is a small park across the street.

Shades of Arrowtown offers good value for money in an unbeatable location. A step away from everything yet nestled in its own garden oasis for peace and privacy.

Read reviews about Shades of Arrowtown on Trip Advisor.

Tips for Visiting Arrowtown

Our top picks for accommodation in Arrowtown New Zealand (8)

To help you make the most of your trip to Arrowtown, here are a few tips and things to consider when visiting this beautiful town.

  • Arrowtown is a 20 minute drive from Queenstown and 15 minutes from Queenstown International Airport. The best way to get to Arrowtown is to self drive although there is a bus that runs between Queenstown and Arrowtown.
  • There are many things to do in Arrowtown, if you choose to do a tour be sure to book your tickets in advance to avoid missing out.
  • Wear comfortable walking shoes, it’s a lovely area to walk around with a variety of terrain depending on what you’ll be doing. It’s also worth bringing a raincoat just in case.
  • Book restaurants in advance, they do fill up. Arrowtown is a popular holiday destination for visitors and locals and it can get quite busy.
  • The Arrowtown Information Centre is located on Buckingham Street and can help with information on things to do, itineraries, tours and activities.
  • If you are visiting in the fall, Arrowtown hosts the autumn festival at the end of April. If you plan to visit during that time, be sure to book early.
  • Pick the accommodation that will be best for you in terms of style, budget and location to help make your stay comfortable and enjoyable. Hopefully the ones we’ve mentioned above will help you with that.
  • There are so many great restaurants and cafes to try but save room for dessert, Patagonia chocolates on Ramshaw Lane has the best gelato and hot chocolate.

Whether you are visiting for one day or one week Arrowtown will steal your heart with its quaint charm and stunning alpine landscape!


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